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 Available in 18K Gold, Rhodium Silver or Black Plated Stainless Steel Engraved 40mm and 25mm Pendants on a 3.7mm Cuban with an extra long 26"+5cm extension Chain Necklace.

The large tag has the Tino flag engraved on one side and TOITŪ TE TIRITI on the other, whilst the small tag has 1840 engraved on it. 

This item is packaged in a custom matte black gift box with gold Rerehua branding and foam insert, perfect for presenting as a gift. 



Honour Te Tiriti

Although the Tiriti o Waitangi is often at the centre of controversial debate, in essence, it is quite simple. The overall summary is that Māori never ceded sovereignty.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi is a sacred covenant between the British Crown and Māori. The agreement reaffirmed Māori authority and sovereignty. It also provided kāwanangatanga (governorship) for the Queen to deal with the lawlessness of the settler population living in Aotearoa at that time.



Article 1: The rangatira (chiefs) agreed that the Queen of England would have kāwanatanga (governorship)

Article 2: Māori would retain 'tino rangatiratanga', or absolute authority and sovereignty over their whenua, kāinga and taonga katoa. Rangatira also agreed that they would 'hokonga' or trade land with the Queen if they chose to.

Article 3: The Queen will protect Māori and also grant them the same rights as British subjects.

Article 4: (Oral agreement) Freedom of religion and beliefs. The Governor would protect Māori spiritual customs.



Kupu hou:

tino rangatiratanga = absolute authority, sovereignty

whenua = land

kāinga = homes, villages, places of belonging

taonga = precious, treasured, of great value

katoa = all things

hokonga = sell, trade, purchase, exchange



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Care Instructions

Rerehua Boutique Stainless Steel Jewellery is non-tarnish, sweat-proof, hypoallergenic, durable, beautiful and long lasting pieces that should be handled with care. Avoid contact with chemicals, chlorine, hazardous liquids or UV sterilization which removes the plating. You can clean your jewellery with a chamois cloth either dry or with some warm water.

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